Erin Cagara

Oktatott nyelv: Angol

Egyéb beszélt nyelv: -

Szakterület: Major in english, UST graduate

Tapasztalat: 3 év

Lakhely: Fülöp- szigetek



Hi, my name is Erin. I liked the English language while I was in school. I feel like it was the only subject I'm good at; and I really enjoyed studying, reading and learning. I used to join competitions for copy reading, spelling bee, reading comprehension and whatnot. I like the said language because it enables you to express yourself, to talk to others, communicate with people all over the world; and that is why I used to teach English to Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and sometimes, Taiwanese students. 

I really enjoyed teaching Business English, free talking, Travel English as well as topics that students were really interested in, may it be about their daily lives, work, school, hobbies, religion, traditions, culture or Philosophy; anything that will make us feel comfortable that both of us can communicate freely and express our minds. I really enjoyed it because I was able to impart my knowledge and share my skills in terms of the English language. 

And, we will have a fun and comfortable time together learning from each other. I, as their teacher, want to be able to improve their skills, not just communication, but also reading, listening, and writing. I get to learn more about their religion and traditions.

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