Esther Chu

Oktatott nyelv: Kínai

Egyéb beszélt nyelv: Angol

Szakterület: Pronunciation, grammar, Chinese character recognition, writing and speaking 

Tapasztalat: 7 év

Lakhely: Taiwan



Hello, I'm Esther, a Chinese native speaker. I live in Taiwan which is an Island near China, the ocean is not too far from my place! I like cooking, baking, painting, traveling, reading Bible, and Christian drawings.
Are you looking for a tutor to help you improve your Chinese communication skills? Or you look forward to learning Chinese? It's okay, we can start it from zero! 
I like to release the pressures from life by painting, especially when I meditate on the Scriptures in the Bible and to make God's words into pictures, which is helping me to turn to joy from sorrow! If you want to learn painting as a relaxing method, you can book my painting lessons. I just want to help you have fun in the colorful painting world, even you only have some simple pencils, it's okay. 

Our goal is not to become a professional painter but a natural artist of our life! Just pick up whatever you have and draw, even lipstick can be your color pen! I hope I can encourage you to enjoy painting and start to be an artist in your life.
No matter you want to book the lessons for yourself or your children, don't be shy! Just let me know your needs. and I will design the lessons for you!


-Chinese Pronunciation
-Chinese PinYin
-Chinese grammar
-Traditional Chinese character recognition and writing
-To improve Chinese listening and speaking 
-Kids and Adults for Drawing with water color  Painting, Colored Pencils Painting, Acrylic Painting, and Pencils only!

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